Portrait by Shlomi Amiga

I'm a first-generation Indian Canadian photographer based in Toronto, with roots tracing back to Mumbai. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Advertising & Mass Media, I pursued further education in photography at the London College of Communication.
My photography career spans over 14 years, during which I've embarked on diverse and inspiring projects. Notably, I had the privilege of creating album art for Oscar-winning music composer A.R. Rahman.

I've won two Canadian awards–
1. A Bronze Canadian Marketing Award for my work on "Flowers after Hours" campaign by FCB Six.
2. Best Short Documentary at the Emerging Lens Film Festival's award for my work as a Director/Cinematographer for "Good Love"- a documentary to promote Musician Gary Beals' album.
My work straddles the line between art and commerce, I haven't quite figured out which of the two I like more, but I plan to spend the next few decades trying to figure that out, while working towards excelling at both. 
If you'd like to collaborate on either of those two things, let's talk. 

Outside of photography, I am a vocalist and bassist for my band SeaRockHotel.

Thank you for your message, I'll get back to you shortly! :)
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